don't let your troubles wash away...

"Shocking, terrorizing, absolutely disgusting…the tension will leave you DRAINED"


It’s not in our human nature to wonder about the lifeless, offensive, diseased and aborted molecular detritus that sloughs off of warm, sometimes feverish, bodies every minute of every day accumulating, congregating, articulating….that is until it comes back. 

Broke and world-weary, Harriet thinks the plumbing problems in her ratty apartment are the least of her worries. She is the last to know that they are the worst. While she is at work snipping the very hair that clings to her clothes and skin and ultimately circles the drains in her sinks and bathtub, back at home horror is erupting from every watery conduit, claiming her cat, Petunia, her fiancé, Sam, and the unlucky plumber who’s having his worst, aka last, day ever.

When the slimy monster attempts to spoil the unwitting Harriet’s tub soak, she goes tentacle-to-toe with the grotesque mass, employing all of her wits and handy hardware store fixes to slice, dice, rinse and repeat. 

Shocking, terrorizing, absolutely disgusting…the tension will leave you DRAINED


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